Neck Exercises

Exercises are organized by category for easy reference. Please do not perform any exercise if it is painful, or without the supervision of your licensed healthcare professional! Although exercise is EXTREMELY beneficial, certain medical conditions may prevent some of these exercises from being performed safely. That being said, these exercises are designed to be very safe, and I hope you benefit greatly from incorporating into your daily routine!
Chronic or Persistant Pain
  1. Decrease surrounding muscle tone
  2. Restore normal mobility
  3. Address postural issues
Nerve Root Compression / Radiculopathy
  1. Find the position that reduces symptoms in arm
  2. Apply traction (clinic vs home)
  3. Nerve gliding
Age-related Changes

May have been told you have arthritis or degenerative changes.


  1. Cervical Mobility: Supine rotation, chin tuck
  2. Sub-occipital Mobility: Towel supporting cervical spine for backward bending and side-bending
  3. Stretch supporting muscles
Trauma or Whiplash Injury
  1. Protect/limit movement for at least 2 weeks
  2. Soft collar
  3. Gradual return of mobility