Upper Extremities

Exercises are organized by category for easy reference. Please do not perform any exercise if it is painful, or without the supervision of your licensed healthcare professional! The “Rotator Cuff” module, for example, can vary greatly on the size of your tear, and whether it is partial or complete. Although exercise is EXTREMELY beneficial, certain medical conditions may prevent some of these exercises from being performed safely. That being said, these exercises are designed to be very safe, and I hope you benefit greatly from incorporating into your daily routine!
Impingement Syndrome

Pain when reaching out in front.

  1. Joint mobility
  2. Restore mobility
  3. Pain-free strengthening
  4. Isometrics→Resistance→Dynamic strengthening
Rotator Cuff Tear
  • Know what you CAN do, and build
  • Isometrics at different angles
  • Assisted wall climbs
  • Resistance pain free
Age-related Changes

May have been told you have arthritis or degenerative changes.

  1. Restore mobility
  2. Pain-free strengthening
    • Isometrics→Resistance→Dynamic strengthening
  3. Scapular stabilization
Adhesive Capsulitis

This is often called “frozen shoulder.”

  1. This is the exception–in terms of pain with stretching
  2. Cane exercises for ROM
  3. Joint mobilization
  4. Pendulum
  5. Upper Extremity Modules
      • Elbow Tendonopathy (Medial or Lateral Epicondylitis)
        • Chronic vs Acute
        • Benefit of soft tissue techniques