Tom Kruse, P.T.

My passion is helping individuals overcome their painful conditions through education, hands-on care and motivation to change their exercise/postural habits.

What I Do

I have been a practicing Physical Therapist in Lincoln, Nebraska, for 17 years and I am truly blessed to be part of a profession that seeks to maximize the well-being of others. In 2015, I opened my own practice to focus on treating the whole person by using a manual therapy based approach to understanding pain.

My goal is to use my time wisely as I understand the needs and conditions of my patients. It has been a dream of mine to practice in a way that I believe benefits patients the most, without the constraints of a volume-driven, insurance-base model.

What I Believe

Each person has their own unique set of circumstances, beliefs, thought processes and genetic makeup that contribute to their overall well-being. I believe in collaborating with your physician, chiropractor or another health professional to understand your background and empower you to manage your pain.

A true medical model places the individual in the center, and my role is to facilitate your patient experience. I believe in the power of seeking to understand your condition, pursuing change and communicating at every step in the process.